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Alameda Amber

Employees and patrons have been having fun with this one! The Alameda Amber is an approachable blend of nutty malt character and a touch of citrus hops. It is a good all-around ale “with training wheels”. The hops won’t knock you out; nor will the malt sweetness glue your mouth shut. You will enjoy the subtle addition of Rye and Honey Malts that round out Alameda Amber.

Hop Killa IPA

The “Hop Killa” defies hop shortages, bringing you the resiny citrus blast that you crave in an American IPA. This beer has a fresh, clean hop presence that will leave you wanting more.
Flavor and aroma additions include Summit, Mt, Hood, Northern and Columbus hops.

Agave Wheat

Everyone’s favorite easy going style just got a new twist! This wheat beer includes the unique nuance of pure organic Agave Nectar and a hint of lime zest. The result is a sweet yet crisp and refreshing American Wheat. The allure of the agave leaves you wanting more.

Green Mountain Pale Ale

For those that enjoy hops but can’t commit to the extremes of India Pale Ale, we offer Green Mountain Pale.  This Pale Ale is a pleasant blend of malt and  hops.  Enjoy the heady, mouthwatering aroma of citrussy domestic hops without the debilitating alcohol content.  At 5.5% ABV, it won’t put you under the table before you’re ready! 


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