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SEO (Search Engine Optimization in English) is a crucial factor that determines the quality of a website and plays a very important role in positioning web pages on Google or other search engines.

Web hosting is a predominant factor that can affect SEO significantly. It must provide good performance and security, and more importantly, it must withstand huge volumes of traffic that your website is receiving. If it can’t, Google won’t give you a chance to rank high on the search engine results page.

Website Speed

One factor that determines the positioning of your website is speed. Google tends to prioritize high-speed websites, giving them the opportunity to rank well in search engines in a natural (organic) way.

Speed ​​depends a lot on your web hosting provider and the quality of servers it offers. If you see that your website loads very slowly, especially if it is full of audiovisual content, you should contact the company whose services you are using and demand that they move your website to the other server. Errors and poor performance often come as a result of shared hosting, used by a large number of websites, which share the same resources as you. If you want to enjoy high speed and good positioning, consider moving your website to a less busy server or even dedicated hosting.

Uptime / Downtime

Uptime refers to the stability of a server that ensures the availability of a website. It is evident that the servers offered by a web hosting cannot give you 100% uptime, but most of them can provide at least 99.999%.

Nothing happens if your website is not available to search engines and visitors at all times. Some problems are unavoidable, and you can’t control them even if you wanted to – but if you see your site lacking availability very often, that may mean your servers are not working well, which can be a serious problem if you want to improve your SEO.


An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a set of numbers that identify a device or a network or the Internet. In addition to that, an IP address describes a primary factor that can affect SEO – location.

SSL Certificate

Internet security is essential, both for users and for search engines. That said, we must mention the SSL certificate (secure connection layer in Spanish). SSL improves the security of your website by encrypting the information that the user sends to the page, protecting it from possible malicious attempts. Sites that have SSL installed contain S in their URL (https: //).


No one wants to risk losing all the files on the website – but we must be prepared if something like this happens. Life can be very cruel.

To avoid such a scenario, you need to make backup copies of your website from time to time. Many web hosting providers offer their own backup services – they will be done regularly and automatically, which is a perfect solution for all website owners who don’t have to use the services of another company. In this way, you can recover all the data and files that you have lost due to malicious attacks or natural disasters that have destroyed the physical server.

1) Creating Brand campaigns increases the branding of your business: Whether you create campaigns on google ads or Facebook ads, for example, for the sale of coffee machines and in that ad you use the brand of your business, then there are many possibilities that the user who has entered your website through the said campaign and has obtained a good user experience, it is very likely that in the future they will perform a search for «home appliance + your brand.»

2) All the visits you receive on your website provide data on user experience: Both search intention and user experience are two factors that Google takes more into account every day. Here you can see a study that Google has carried out on how the ideal page of a real estate company is based on user experience.

If this trick is used by large companies in the sector, why not you?


As you have seen, there are multiple SEO tips or tricks for your website, using them in a correct and above all constant way will make your website start to rise positions at a dizzying pace.