5 Tricks To Position

These tricks or SEO tips help (and a lot) to make your website rank faster but to be effective, and your project must first have a series of basic requirements.

Position using photos, videos, and rich snippets

At this point you will already know that optimizing the images of your website is very important for positioning, both the alt tags and their size must be optimal, for this, we must optimize the images, it is also recommended that the image format be JPG or JPEG2000 as they are lighter than others like PNG.

A good way to google images using photographs is by editing them with your own filters and modifications.

How does doing this help? Well, very easy, if you create an entry for your website or blog, it is most likely that the images you use are either taken from Google images or a repository such as pixabay. Therefore those images are already indexed in Google, and it will be a lot more difficult for your photos to appear in search results.

Attack The Simplest Keywords First (Longtails)

Although it is very tempting to go first for those keywords with the highest number of monthly searches, these are the most difficult to attack, for the simple fact that there are other websites with a lot of authority that are surely already going for them.

Get Quality Links (With Head)

One of the main disadvantages that you will find with those new websites is that both the website and the domain will have practically no backlink pointing towards it.

Backlinks are links from other websites that serve to increase the authority of our page.

Here it is very important to do things with your head and very well studied since, according to Google, we should not carry out any link building practice, although the theory says that in practice links help to position a lot.

Search Console + IndexKings

And a very simple and effective trick is to use this tool to make our URLs index faster since we have the possibility of sending to a priority crawl queue those new URLs that we add to our website.

Combine Your SEO Strategy With Google ADS And Facebook ADS Campaigns

Although it is true that SEM does not help directly improve the SEO positioning of a page, indirectly it can be useful, and much.

How does SEM help the positioning of your website? It helps in many ways, but mainly two: