Essential Tricks To Improve

On-page SEO is one of the indispensable techniques to achieve a high position and to develop successful SEO campaigns. A website is the meeting point of all SEO processes and, if it is not properly optimized for search engines and users, the chances of success are minimized. Before going into the details of what on-page SEO techniques to use to drive ranking, let’s start with some basic SEO terminology. If you feel comfortable with the basic information, you can skip this part and read the most common techniques and some tips directly to improve your on-page SEO

Create Quality Content

How often do you update your website? If you haven’t touched it since the day you built it, chances are you don’t have a good SEO ranking today. To drive more traffic to your website and increase its popularity, you must give visitors a reason to return. Your content must be of high quality, recent and relevant.

Divide Your Content With Header Tags

Headers are another way to help improve the user experience on your website, as they break content and make it easier to read. Plus, they make everything look more attractive, which is always beneficial. If the pages of your website only contain very long blocks of text, what you will achieve is that the visitors get bored and go to read the information to another more friendly website. As a result, your SEO ranking will suffer. If you are creating a WordPress site, you can easily change the header tags in the text editor.


Images are essential on a website, but you must ensure that they are properly optimized if you want these images to improve your on-page SEO. We refer to factors such as file format and size. Huge images can slow down the page load time, something that fundamentally affects your positioning. Resize or compress your images to optimize them and take advantage of this graphic content to enter keywords that you want to position.

Improve Loading Speed

The loading time of your page is important for several reasons. Firstly, if your upload speed is too slow, Google will recognize this and penalize your ranking. A slow website also affects the way your website visitors interact with pages. As a result, those negative interactions will also influence your search result ranking.

Create A Blog

A blog is an exceptional tool for generating opportunities and helps to interact with visitors to your website. But what most people don’t realize is that blogging also helps improve your Seo On-page. As we have already mentioned, producing new, updated, and relevant content can direct users to your website and give them a reason to stay on their pages for longer.

Optimize Your Site For Mobile Devices

As you know, smartphones are the most widely used devices for surfing the Internet. In fact, more than 60% of searches on Google come from mobile devices. Obviously, Google recognizes this and ranks sites accordingly. Your website must be optimized for mobile users, and if you do not implement this optimization, it will hinder the user experience and negatively affect your web positioning.…