Trends For 2020

Web design and digital marketing are always changing; every year, new trends emerge around you. And we must know how to adapt to them and always keep in mind that the internet is a constantly changing world. And we cannot be left behind.

For this reason, being up-to-date is something that should enter our daily life, as well as seeing what is moving at all times in our sector.

Minimalism: Less Is More

Surely you have heard that less is more, and with good reason, since sometimes we try to cover on the same page many of the actions that the user must perform, losing the final focus.

Simple and clean pages are not only more attractive to the eye but tend to convert better since it is easier to capture the user’s attention when we are dealing with a more linear design than one full of elements.

A web page full of colors or saturating elements is no longer useful; we must be clear and focus.

Design First For Mobile

The custom of every designer is to start with the desktop version, but with Google’s new algorithms, this has to change, and we must focus on the “mobile first”.

Your website should look good on all devices, but you have to try to optimize it very well for mobile.

It is no longer useful that it is simply “responsive,” we must try to get the visitor to the page to reach the target on mobile by doing the minimum scroll possible.

The User Is The King (UX)

I’m sure you have read “content is king,” “video is king,” even “Google is king.” But no, the user is king.

We must design with users in mind. If we have good content for them, we will have good content also facing Google.

Positive user experience is essential and will determine how confident you are with the website you are currently visiting.

But how can I know if this satisfaction is positive? Very simple, measuring.

We must analyze how users are behaving through our website, and for this, we have a lot of techniques such as heat maps, session recordings, analytics from the website itself, etc.

Loading Speed: Your Website Must Go Like A Rocket

Fast loading speed is always a trend and never goes out of style since it is a differentiating factor within a website.

What good is an awesome web design if it takes 6 seconds to load?

We must carry out proper maintenance and monitoring of the web, whether it is WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, or what we have since all the tools are obsolete, and we must keep them up-to-date in the best possible way.

In addition, if we have a website where we install new plugins or functionalities, the ideal is that every time we make a change of this type, we analyze the website with tools and see if everything is in order.

A fast website will not only improve the user experience, but Google will be able to crawl the content more quickly and will prioritize it against other websites where it has spent more time crawling.…