The Five Commandments To Design

Starting an online project through a web page is difficult; it can also be a breeding ground for doubts and unknowns that many times can lead you to put it aside. In this post, we are going to give you five basic steps to start your online project.

The following steps are the ones that you will most likely have to go through when starting an online project at your own risk. In the steps to follow, it will be assumed that you are the one who wants to carry out the project and create it from 0. That is, this post is aimed at entrepreneurs and web designers.

1st Decide The Project That Is What You Want To Do

This step is evident, and also one of the most complicated if you are not clear about what you are going to want to do, or if you start from a blank page without anything previously decided.

In this step, you have to be clear about what your skills are and what you are capable of doing. It will do no good to set yourself unattainable goals.

If your objective is to monetize the future website, you should also find out what the possibilities of doing it are and what are the benefits.

2nd Think About How To Do It

The time has come to begin to visualize in your mind where everything will be placed, the menus, how many sections the web will have, forms, corporate colors … that is, the design.

And not only that of the previous paragraph referring to the design, but you will have to plan how to join that design to the purpose of the web. In other words, if you want a website in which users have their own account and can access their own space within the website, you should think about items from which they can access sections for technical support and various other things.

3rd Begin To Do It And Find The Many Obstacles That Were Not Available

Once you have decided what you can and what you want to do, it is time to get down to business.

It is time to start with the design of your website, for this you must use the technology you think appropriate or with which we are used to working, etc …

As you build your website, unforeseen events will arise, that is, things that you had not foreseen in your initial sketch and that you will have to correct or improvise to carry out this project.
4th Make The Checks That Everything Works As It Should

Once it is taking shape and you realize what is going well and bad, it is time to check that everything works as it should, that is, check-correct-check.

5th Correct What Has Not Worked In The Previous Point And Recheck

At this point, we continue with more of the same, since we know from experience the problems that can arise with projects, especially if they are complex and, above all, quality and good operation must prevail. With which to correct what has not worked in the previous point and recheck more of that and the other functions of the web,